The Musicians

In alphabetical order
Richard Ford: Pedal Steel Guitar.
Moshi Honen: Prepared Acoustic and Electric Guitar, AMS Synthi A. Instrument and Technical Support
Jim Laycock: Singing, Pocket Trumpet and Hunting Horn.
Arnulf Lindner: Double Bass, Violoncello and Singing.
Susan Marshall; Solo Singing, Choirleader.
David McAlmont: Solo Singing.
Emil Nikolaisen: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, ProTools Programming, Recording, Singing, Drums, Percussion. Mixing.
Elvira Nikolaisen: Solo Singing.
Mariam Jahn Olsen: Solo Singing and Singing, Piano, Recording.
Marie-Louise Anne Olsen: Solo Singing.
Shadi David Olsen: Singing and Piano.
Hooria Olsen: Singing.
Jeff Powell: Singing, Recording. Vinyl advisor.
Peter Summers: Piano.
Ross Welford: Accordion, Singing.
Tim Weller: Drums.

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